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Workshops in Belles Fleurs

Belles Fleurs is preparing unique workshops. during whole year. We are constantly inventing new topics and form of different materials. Workshops are suitable for complete amateurs as well as for those more experienced and more skilled individuals. The course is always guided by experienced florists, who will help you with everything and explain you anything you need to know. 

Definitely do not go alone, take your family or friends. Only children under 12 years old must come with an adult. 


If you want to find out about upcoming workshops as the first register on our website and check the removal newsletters. 
Information about upcoming projects will be on our website or social network  

We are planning for you: 

There are currently no prepared the workshop dates. 

Workshop address

Workshops are held in our largest store at Belles Fleurs Jindrisska


Participation in the workshop is FREE. You pay only material you consumed. 


If you wish to attend, book dates to e-mail address or on tel. 226 201 342 (Mon-Fri 8: 00-16: 30). 
Places are limited. Do not hesitate and book your dates as soon as possible! 

Would you be interested ANOTHER WORKSHOP? 

Send us your request to e-mail address 

Already performed WORSKOPS: 

Decorating Advent wreaths and Christmas arrangements creation 
Making Easter decoration 
Creation of heartshape arrangement for Mother's Day
Reminder service
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