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Available only for delivery in Prague or pick up in the store.

Would you like to give to somebody a classical bouquet of roses, but also like to add something a bit more unusual and new?


Meet our Apolline. This bouquet of roses in three different colours is bound in our original water p ackaging which technically substitutes as a vase.

 21 roses would please your colleague who´s just returned from a business stay abroad. 49 roses would do very well as a thank you to your wife on your wedding anniversary--thanking her for all the bright and colourful moments spent together. The most exceptional present would be a bouquet of 91 roses which may perfectly do for an important anniversary of your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law.

Large size in the picture. 

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Small 21 Stems
25 cm 29 cm
Medium 49 Stems
40 cm 37 cm
Large 91 Stems
50 cm 40 cm
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